Equipment Loan

How equipment loan works?

Equipment loan is a great solution for business owners who need new equipment or software to increase productivity and profitability. Equipment lenders will pay for the equipment and lease it back to the business owner until the loan is paid off.

The business owner eventually owns the equipment or software at the end of their lease payments. The interest rate is typically lower because it is secured by the purchased equipment or software.

So whether you’re a delivery company that needs new trucks are doctor’s office in need of new client management software. little paperwork, and early payment discount incentives are just a few. Again, we know you’re busy running your business to lead and to find the right equipment loan for you. ASR Finance is the largest lending marketplace for small, large, and mid-sized businesses.

What documents do we need?

  • Last 4 Month bank statementsĀ 
  • Filled application
  • Credit ScoreĀ 

What documents do we need?

  • 6+ Months in business
  • Minimum 500 credit scoreĀ 
  • minimum $10000 monthly revenue

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