Term Loan

How term loan works

In term-loan, we will provide you a fixed amount of money upfront and you will pay us back in fixed payments throughout the life of the loan. In bond street’s case, you’re paying back every two weeks, over a one to three-year period. Term loans usually last between one and 10 years but may last as long as 30 years.

In this case, this is useful if you’re thinking about some sort of larger, fixed investment where you believe this investment will help you to generate more in a long period of time.

For example, If you’re an e-commerce company, it might mean investing in a new website that you believe will drive you more revenue. If you’re a restaurant  or a food service business, it might mean opening another location to help

What documents do we need?

  • Last 4 Month bank statements
  • Filled application
  • Credit Score

What do we need to fund you?

  • 6+ Months in business
  • Minimum 500 credit scoreĀ 
  • minimum $10000 monthly revenue
The capability to pay us back over a long period of time is attractive for new or expanding enterprises, as the assumption is that they will increase their profit over time. term loans are a good way of quickly increasing capital in order to raise a business supply capabilities or range. For instance, some new companies may use the term loan to buy company vehicles or rent more space for their operations.

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